Social, Emotional, and Ethical Learning — SEE Learning

Social, Emotional and Ethical Learning (SEE Learning) is a new K-12 education program developed at Emory University for international use. SEE Learning provides educators with a comprehensive framework for the cultivation of social, emotional and ethical competencies; age-specific curricula comprised of easy to implement lessons; and a support structure for educator preparation, facilitator certification, and on-going professional development.

SEE Learning builds upon the best practices in social-emotional learning (SEL) programs, but also expands on them by drawing in new developments based on the latest knowledge in educational practice and scientific research. It includes important new topics such as attention training, the cultivation of compassion for self and others, resiliency skills based on trauma-informed care, systems thinking, and ethical discernment.

The SEE Learning curriculum is comprised of thirty 40-minute long learning experiences (lessons) divided into eight chapters (units) covering the Personal, Social, and Systems domains. The framework and curriculum are the result of an international team of curriculum writers, teachers, and experts in education, developmental psychology and neuroscience working collaboratively. The curriculum also incorporates feedback from educators in the U.S., Europe, and India who have piloted it in their classrooms since 2017. SEE Learning continues to establish and seek out collaborations with schools and organizations throughout the world.

I can help introduce you to the program. I've completed the orientation course and will become a facilitator as soon as the program has been completed.

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