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If These Trees Could Talk, Park 1

Messages from the Trees of Sunset Park

Be still. Listen. Know.

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Park 1


This book is a journey into the woods - offering words of wisdom from the trees themselves. This unique perspective allows you to remember what it was like when you could hear the voices of nature (before the adults in your life told you it was all nonsense). This book may be just what you need to give you the courage to step back into your child-like nature and encourage you to have your own conversations - whether in the woods with trees, or with any form of nature. All you have to do is...

Be still. Listen. Know.

Praise for If These Trees Could Talk, Park 1

The photos are exquisite. The angle from which they are taken have a warm, human quality to them. They make me want to hug each and every tree."

Ellen Kort, first Poet Laureate of Wisconsin

"Kate tells the touching stories of trees near her home where she has often walked in quiet reverence for their presence and lets you know how an ordinary person can have an extraordinary connection with all of life. You will find your time in nature reaching a new level once you read this book."

Carol Bridges, author of Medicine Woman Inner Guidebook

Message excerpts from the Trees of Sunset Park

"We can choose fear and fall, or we can choose faith and fly. The choice is yours. What will you do?” - from The Angel Tree (pictured on the left)

"Draw your roots deep within the Earth so that you can hold fast. Stand on your own two feet and guide and support those that fall away – giving them the guidance, strength and support that they need to go on – to push them back up onto the right path. They will know the path, after all we are One – we are all connected." -from Merci

“Don’t become entangled in having to be strong. Sometimes strength is found in asking for help, recognizing your vulnerabilities, recognizing your weaknesses, recognizing that you have no control over the situation. And in order to get past your vulnerabilities you need to find strength and sometimes that strength cannot come from within but needs to be gathered and harvested from those around you, who choose to support your life, and, who choose to support your dreams..." - from Harley

2nd Edition is here!

Although the first edition has been out of print, the 2nd edition is available now.  It includes 5 additional interactions with the trees of Sunset Park. You can order your copy now for $13 (plus shipping/handling). Shipping to continental U.S. is $4.95. Please provide your mailing address to inquire about shipping costs to your place in the world.

Park 1